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5 Camping Hacks and Tips Everyone Should Know | Camping Need to Knows | Blue River Boutique

5 Camping Hacks & Tips Every Camper Should Know | Blue River Boutique

I know, I know, shouldn't you have published this article months ago? And to you I say... Well I was too busy camping and coming up with these 5 camping hacks and tips everyone should know!

One of the biggest hurdles people see when camping is "can camping be comfortable?" Knowing these camping hacks and tips goes a long way in making camping comfortable and fun for you. These camping hacks will be great for camping beginners or your camping pro. (Check out 5 Coffee Camping Hacks Everyone Should Know). So without further ado here are the 5 Camping Hacks and Tips Every Camper Should Know!

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  • Camping Hack 1: Turn a headlamp into a lantern for the whole campground:

    Don't overthink this really, all you need is a headlamp and a gallon jug of water or large water bottle that is clear. When the sun begins to set and the fire is "hopefully" roaring. Place the gallon jug, large water bottle, or whatever you are using on a table. Strap the headlamp to the jug and flip the headlamp inwards so it will shine through the bottle. The water will disperse the light, illuminating the whole campsite. If you want to get extra crazy have a colored water bottle or water so your whole campsite will be different colors!

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  • Camping Hack 2: Use silica packets to get your camping supplies rust free when not being used:

  • Yes, we are talking about those silica packets that are in every product that you purchase. They are there to prevent rust and moisture build up. Instead of throwing them out. Keep them and put them to use! Of course, ideally you will dry your dishware, camping supplies, etc, after every use. But things happen and the weather can be dynamic to say the least. Placing a few of the silica packets in your dishware storage containers or your tent bag can save you a lot of money in the long run!

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  • Camping Hack 3: Use pillow cases as bags to pack your clothes in plus as pillows:
  • An every occurring issue on camping trips is trying to pack as light as possible. A great way to do this is to pack your clothes in pillow cases. Don’t even worry about bringing your nice pillows on the camping trip. Then at night use the clothes stuffed pillow case(s) as your pillow. Best of both worlds! You don’t have to pack as much and then your pillow won’t smell like bonfire for the next week.

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  • Camping Hack 4: Crack eggs and bring them in a bottle or sealed container for easy packing and travel:

  • Try your very best to make cooking at the campsite as easy as possible. So do as much cooking prior as possible. We highly recommend cracking the eggs at home then placing them in a water bottle or whatever sealed container you wish. This way you won’t have to worry about breaking eggs at the site. An easy and healthy breakfast to give you plenty of energy for a day of hiking! On a related note, here are a few mini tips:

        1. Doritos and Corn Chips make great kindling. They burn very slowly and hold a flame perfectly.

        2. Melt and seal straw ends for small amounts of spices for cooking

        3. Mini gas stoves and cooking sets aren’t just for backpacking. They are super convenient and usually cook faster than a typical bonfire.


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  • Camping Hack 5: Dry your shoes by taking out the insoles and putting your dirty clothes in them:
  • This one may sound a little gross but nothing, absolutely nothing is worse than wet shoes. Especially if you are camping and they are your only pair. We recommend taking out the insoles of the shoes and placing your dirty clothes in the shoes overnight. It is by no means a perfect fix but it is better than nothing. In the morning, take your clothes out and dry them by air or setting them out by the fire. Your shoes will be much more dry then they were if they just sat out overnight
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    Camping Bonus Hack! Use frisbees as plates:

    Can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve done this. Just give the frisbee a quick wash and your plate is ready to go. Saves you money so you don’t have to bring plates plus it has walls so no spilling on your lap! And its a frisbee... So loads of fun at your campsite!

    So now that you know these 5 camping hacks and tips get out there and enjoy the last bit of fall while you can!

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    So yes, to answer everyone's question camping can be fun and can be comfortable. For camping beginners this is a great way to make your first camping trip fantastic. Simply plan ahead and use these camping hacks and tips and you will be set for your next or first camping trip! What hack will you use?

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