5 Coffee Camping Hacks for Everyone | Blue River Boutique

5 Coffee Camping Hacks for Everyone | Blue River Boutique

5 Coffee Camping Hacks for Everyone | Blue River Boutique

There is nothing better than waking up to a cup of coffee while enjoying the brewed treats next to a campfire. Well maybe bacon, coffee, and campfire... Either way coffee makes every morning better but what about coffee while camping; can the two mix?

Better yet, how can you make the perfect cup of coffee during your next camping or glamping adventure? These 5 Coffee Camping Hacks for Everyone will make your next camping trip comfortable and full of caffeine!

So lets get started with the 5 Coffee Camping Hacks for Everyone!

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Coffee Camping Hack #1: Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy coffee is well… Interesting to say the least. It is the most, in our opinion, hardcore way to make coffee while camping. Why is it the most hardcore you ask? Because cowboy coffee uses an egg. Yes, an egg, this is used to “collect” the coffee grounds in the tin.

Known for its dark and thick texture, cowboy coffee is a must try for every camper and coffee lover. The egg in the coffee, surprisingly, does not effect the taste of the coffee. Actually adding calcium and protein to your morning cup of coffee, giving you an extra boost for that afternoon hike.

5 Camping Hacks & Tips Every Camper Should Know | Blue River Boutique

So what do you need to make cowboy coffee? Firstly, a fire or stove, whatever you find easiest at your camping spot. Next, you will need a pot or tin to boil water in. Of course, you will also need your favorite coffee and coffee mug. A wooden spoon, egg, water, and bowl are also must haves.

Clearly the cowboys did not pack very lightly...

Coffee Camping Hack: How to Make Cowboy Coffee
  1. Make a campfire or just use a portable gas stove like the glamper you are deep inside. Place tin or pot over fire with water in it and bring to boil. Make sure to leave plenty of room in tin for coffee grounds and extra water in later steps.

  2. While the water in the tin is being brought to a boil. Mix your coffee grounds, egg (shell and all) in a separate bowl. As for the exact coffee to water mixture. We recommend using roughly the same ratio that you use for a typical drip coffee machine. Adjust for taste until you get it just right!

  3. Use your wooden spoon and crush the egg. Mixing the egg, egg shell and coffee grounds together. Until the egg is fully mixed in with all of the grounds and the egg shells are finely broken up.

  4. Once water is brought to a boil. Remove tin from heat source. Place your coffee ground/egg mixture in tin and let sit for several minutes.

  5. After the coffee has sat for several minutes. Pour cold water into the tin; not much just a cup or so depending on the amount you make. This will cause the coffee grounds to coagulate together. Collecting all of the coffee grounds for you.

  6. Allowing sometime for the coffee grounds to collect. Pour your cowboy coffee and enjoy!

Check out this video below for a visual on how to make cowboy coffee:

Coffee Camping Hack #2: Outdoor French Press

Using an outdoor French Press is my personal favorite method for preparing coffee while camping. Consistently making the best and easiest cup of coffee while camping. And no, we are not talking about fancy copper or glass French Presses. For example, we really like the Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press. Coming in at $40 it is not the cheapest nor the most expensive but very reliable and lightweight.

Once you choose your French Press of choice. It is time for the most important step and that is packing your favorite coffee grounds and coffee mug. Ensuring that you have a source of water is vital. Lastly, depending on the press you purchase you may need a pot to boil water in if you cannot put your press over an open flame.

After all of your supplies are gathered it is time to make the coffee!

5 Camping Hacks & Tips Every Camper Should Know | Blue River Boutique

Coffee Camping Hack: How to Make Coffee with an Outdoor French Press

  1. Place pot with water over heat source and bring water to boil.
  2. While water is heating up add one rounded tablespoon of grounds per cup of water (to taste, if you want a stronger or lighter brew adjust accordingly), to the French Press.

  3. Once water has begun to boil. Pour HALF of the water into the press and let the coffee “bloom” for a minimum of one minute.

  4. Once a minute or so has passed add the rest of the water and let sit for roughly 5 minutes. The longer you let it steep the stronger the coffee will be.

  5. Gently press the plunger of the French Press as far as it will go.

  6. Pour the coffee, enjoy around the campfire, and with the Stanley Classic French Press your coffee will stay hot for hours to come!

Coffee Camping Hack #3: Coffee Bags

Do not over think this one. Coffee bags just like tea bags are cheap and the easiest way to make coffee while camping. They will take up little room and are a lightweight addition to your camping gear.

5 Camping Hacks & Tips Every Camper Should Know | Blue River Boutique

However, like tea bags the taste of coffee bags is lackluster to say the least. But for the sake of time and convenience, making these brewed treats maybe worth it to you. Our suggestion would be to make the coffee bags at home with your favorite brand of coffee. This will take more time but will be worth it to you while you are camping.

5 Camping Hacks & Tips Every Camper Should Know | Blue River Boutique

My advice on how to use coffee bags while camping would be; firstly, boil some water either over a campfire or gas stove in a pot. Once the water is boiling, pour the water into your favorite coffee mug or tumbler. Place coffee bag in the coffee mug and let sit for several minutes. Then enjoy your brewed treat!

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Coffee Camping Hack #4: Campfire Percolator

Another traditional way to make coffee while camping is using a percolator over a campfire. The first great thing about a percolator is that the percolator makes large amounts of coffee. So it is great for large campsites, brewing 8-12 cups depending on your percolator size. We really like the GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Coffee Percolator with Silicone Handle. It is a great "bang for your buck item." Coming in various sizes the GSI Percolator is the perfect fit for everyone.

The downside to percolators is also their benefit which is their size. Being made of metal they are heavy and bulky. Being large they are ideal for large yet stationary campsites. Other than that the percolator’s coffee can come out thick, bitter, and unyielding if you are not careful when you make coffee with it.

5 Camping Hacks & Tips Every Camper Should Know | Blue River Boutique

Coffee Camping Hack: How to make coffee with a percolator

  1. Create your heat source, either a gas stove or a grate over your campfire. Do not place directly on campfire or else it will burn the coffee.

  2. Disassemble the coffee percolator and fill percolator pot with water slightly above the halfway mark.

  1. Fill the coffee filter with your favorite coffee a little more than halfway. Place lid on top of filter.

  2. Place the filter on top of the aluminum stand and then place the whole unit into the pot of water. Then place the lid on the kettle.

  3. Place kettle onto heating element or over open fire.

  4. Let kettle come to a boil. As it boils, the water will bubble up through the stem and onto the grounds. You will hear a “popping” and “gurgling” sound as the coffee brews.

  5. Let the kettle boil for 4-6 minutes.

  6. Remove the kettle from heat and enjoy with friends around the campfire.

Check out this video below of how to use the GSI Outdoor Percolator:

Coffee Camping Hack #5: Pour Over Travel Mug

Another easy solution for brewing coffee while camping is to use a pour over travel mug. It is portable and you can still pack lightweight using this method. A pour over travel mug, can hold up to all of the abuse of being hauled around with your camping gear. The stainless steel design makes it lightweight and keeps your coffee hot for a long period of time.

5 Camping Hacks & Tips Every Camper Should Know | Blue River Boutique

To use the pour over mug simple boil some water either with a portable gas stove or over the campfire. Once the water is boiling, allow it to cool for roughly a minute. This is to prevent burning the coffee grounds. Pour half of the hot water over the coffee grounds into the pour over mug. Let the coffee bloom for several minutes. Then pour in remaining water. Remove the filter from your pour over mug. Then enjoy your campfire coffee!

Our choice for pour over coffee mugs is the Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer Mug. Being stainless steel, the mug is lightweight and durable. While also keeping your coffee hot for hours!

Bonus Coffee Camping Hack: Gas Stoves are a must have

You may or may not be an old fashioned camper but the ease of use of a portable gas stove cannot be overstated. Compact gas stoves for camping or back packing trips are lightweight; lighter than carrying bundles of firewood.

5 Camping Hacks & Tips Every Camper Should Know | Blue River Boutique

They are safer and can be used, the majority of the time, even if there is a fire ban in you current area. (Speaking to all of you campers out west). They are reasonably cheap and come with everything you would need to use them.

Our favorite is the Jetboil Flash Java Kit. This variant of the Jetboil camping stove brand comes with a French Press. Meaning the heat source, pot, and the press is all in one. Making it convenient, lightweight and simple to pack for those weekend camping or backpacking trips.


So how do you make the perfect cup of coffee while you are camping? Well with the above 5 coffee camping hacks you should be ready for your next camping or glamping adventure. Waking up to the sunrise with a cup of coffee is pretty hard to beat. And now with these coffee camping hacks you can make your camping trip comfortable and fun for everyone.

Which one of these hacks will you use?

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